A Solution for Every Market

SoleraTec's Phoenix technology makes it possible for different industries to fulfill their different needs. Each Phoenix solution is uniquely architectured to tackle the retention and management challenges faced by businesses in a variety of fields. From city surveillance to post-production video, SoleraTec has created multiple products that will make keeping your data a breeze.

City Surveillance

Video analytics to pinpoint events of interest.

City Officials need to monitor video from hundreds or even thousands of surveillance cameras across a city. Easy event tracking as well as on-board video analytics with Phoenix RSM™ makes that task possible. All of the video is available for monitoring from any authorized network computer and customizable video walls create an easy viewing environment. User-defined metadata and event alerts let the user quickly search and retrieve the video they need.

We suggest : Phoenix RSM™

Public Transportation

On-board surveillance with automatic data transfer.

SoleraTec's Phoenix RSM™ creates an environment where surveillance camera video from buses, metros, trains, and transit stations is all kept in one central administrative location. On-board surveillance video is kept locally until it reaches a wireless access point and can automatically offload the video to a safe and secure repository. Centrally managed surveillance ensures the safety of all passengers and employees throughout their journey.

We suggest : Phoenix RSM™

Police Departments

More than just digital evidence management.

A true evidence lifecycle management solution using multi-tiered storage resources to reduce the cost of retention. Easily integrates with non-proprietary body-worn cameras, dash-cams/in-car video, and surveillance cameras to allow police departments to centrally manage and search for digital evidence. Keep all video, auto, data files, and other digital evidence assets together in one repository with SoleraTec's Phoenix DEM™.

We suggest : Phoenix DEM™

Public Safety Agencies

Cost-effective and extremely scalable retention.

SoleraTec's Phoenix DEM™ solution adapts to existing workflows and provides a streamline solution from digital asset ingest, protection, and long-term affordable retention. This is a scalable and flexible system that will easily and affordably grow with any organization as the amount of digital assets continues to grow. User customizable metadata allows for agencies to configure the software in ways that match their workflow processes.

We suggest : Phoenix DEM™

Post-Production Companies

Shared workflows across the network.

Connect all locations of storage together for a federated repository, making it seamless for users to search and manage content across multiple storage environments. SoleraTec's Phoenix VCM™ allows the user to migrate or replicate content based on specific criteria making it easy to keep track of data. With the seamless integration with third-party video editing software such as Final Cut, Avid, and Premiere, Phoenix VCM™ will easily fit into your already existing workflow.

We suggest : Phoenix VCM™

Media and Entertainment

Extensive metadata for rapid search results.

A scalable and cost-effective approach to Media Asset Management and intelligent archiving. SoleraTec's Phoenix VCM™ is equipped with features specifically designed to manage all forms of media - video, audio, still images, data files - and have everything under complete control while also keeping all data easily accessible. With unlimited metadata models and storage policies, all digital assets can be found and retrieved in a matter of seconds.

We suggest : Phoenix VCM™

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