Surveillance IP Camera RTSP URLs

Video file storage management (Video Lifecycle Management) is arguably the most critical element in a modern surveillance video solution and RTSP-enabled IP cameras are an important component of that management. RTSP provides unprecedented ease of implementation and has been embraced by nearly every mainstream IP camera manufacturer in the market. These IP camera manufacturers include Arecont Vision, Axis, Basler, Panasonic, Sanyo, Siemens, Sony, Vivotek, Zavio, and hundreds more.

Phoenix RSM™ has incorporated support for the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) and Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) that allows for the direct video feed capture from network surveillance video IP cameras.

Since RTSP URLs are not standardized, we help IP camera manufacturers support end users by providing this below table of IP Camera manufacturers' RTSP URL addresses. We hope this helps you learn how to use RTSP URLs with products such as Phoenix RSM™, Phoenix LVE™, as well as QuickTime, and VLC.

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Fine CCTV Camera RTSP URLs

Click on a camera model to view the RTSP URL and details.

Company Model
1. Fine CCTV ACM-B3000
2. Fine CCTV ACM-R3002
3. Fine CCTV ACM-V3001
4. Fine CCTV ACM-V3002
5. Fine CCTV ACT-200
6. Fine CCTV ACT-200W
7. Fine CCTV ACT-2100
8. Fine CCTV ACT-2100W
9. Fine CCTV ACT-2300H
10. Fine CCTV ACT-2300HW
11. Fine CCTV ACT-2800H
12. Fine CCTV ACT-2800HW
13. Fine CCTV ACT-300
14. Fine CCTV ACT-3000H
15. Fine CCTV ACT-3000HW
16. Fine CCTV ACT-300W
17. Fine CCTV ACT-3100
18. Fine CCTV ACT-3100W
19. Fine CCTV ACT-DF420
20. Fine CCTV ACT-DF420PE
21. Fine CCTV ACT-H710PE
22. Fine CCTV ACT-HC710
23. Fine CCTV ACT-HM720
24. Fine CCTV ACT-HM720PE
25. Fine CCTV ACT-HM730
26. Fine CCTV ACT-HM730PE
27. Fine CCTV ACT-IR4620C
28. Fine CCTV ACT-VE520PE
29. Fine CCTV ACT-VF520
30. Fine CCTV CDB-720F
31. Fine CCTV CDV-3VM501
32. Fine CCTV CDV-3VWD960
33. Fine CCTV CDV-P360
34. Fine CCTV D0100
35. Fine CCTV EP-Q2018HW-IP
36. Fine CCTV EP-Q2018HW-IPAT
37. Fine CCTV EP-Q2026HW-IP
38. Fine CCTV EP-Q2026HW-IPAT
39. Fine CCTV EP-Q2036HW-IP
40. Fine CCTV EP-Q2036HW-IPAT
41. Fine CCTV GE-100CB
42. Fine CCTV GP-100CB
43. Fine CCTV MD-D1612
44. Fine CCTV SP-PTIR737-IP
45. Fine CCTV TCP-1200AV
46. Fine CCTV TCP-2200AV
47. Fine CCTV TCP-HDVB800
48. Fine CCTV TCP-HDVB801
49. Fine CCTV TCP-HP1024
50. Fine CCTV TCP-HP1080
51. Fine CCTV TCP-HP720
52. Fine CCTV TCP-HPC960
53. Fine CCTV TCP-HPDN960
55. Fine CCTV TCP-IR590WD30
56. Fine CCTV TCP-IR590WD50
57. Fine CCTV TCP-IRH5030C
58. Fine CCTV TCP-IRH5040C
60. Fine CCTV TCP-MH802
61. Fine CCTV TCP-VM501
62. Fine CCTV WGE-100CB
63. Fine CCTV WGP-100CB

Note: Camera information is provided by the camera manufacturer. Some information may be missing or incorrect.

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