Vault Properties License Tab

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Get a licensed product from SoleraTec. You can purchase a licensed product online or download a trial version from SoleraTec's website. By default, this product comes with a seven day evaluation license. At the end of the evaluation period, you can request an extended evaluation product key or purchase a product license through the same sales channels. For more information see Product Licensing.

If you run the software longer than seven days with an evaluation license, your Vaults will shut down. Until a license is purchased and added, the Vaults run in increments of only two hours.

From Vault Properties, use the License tab to manage Vault licenses.

The Summary group displays your license totals for the selected Vault.
The Host Id group displays the Vault Host Id. The Host Id information is used to activate your product key.
The Installed Licenses group displays all the individual licenses assigned to a Vault. The license statistics shown are Serial #, Type, Capacity, Expiration, Product Type, and Platform Type. Click the Add button to open the Add License window where you can add a new license by activating a product key, or import a license file. Select an installed license from the group and then click the Delete button to remove the license from the Vault.

Once the Add or Delete button is clicked, the changes are immediate.

You can add the same license as many times as you like, but the Vault Admin just overwrites the license file so only one instance is displayed in the Installed Licenses group.Add license and activate product key - Connected to Internet

Once you have received your product key, and you are connected to the Internet, follow the steps below to activate your license.

1.Open the Vault Admin application. In the left pane of the Vault Admin main window, select a Vault to modify.
2.From the Vault Admin toolbar, click the Change Vault Properties button to launch the <Vault Name> Properties window, or right-click on the selected Vault name and select Properties. The Properties window features several tabs; each responsible for some aspect of Vault functionality. It opens to the General tab.
3.Select the License tab.
4.Click the Add button. When the Add window appears, select Activate product key drop-down menu. Begin typing the product key into the appropriate boxes, or copy and paste the product key into the first box. It will propagate the appropriate boxes automatically.

When using Mac, the copy and paste action is not carried out properly. To ensure the product key is entered correctly, manually type in the product key to the appropriate box.

Activate your Product Key

Add license and activate product key - Not connected to Internet

If you have received a product key, and are not connected to the internet, follow these steps:

1.Find a computer with internet access.
2.Go to SoleraTec's website and locate the product key activation page.
3.Type your Host Id, e-mail, and product key. The Host Id is located in Phoenix VCM, from the <Vault Name> Properties > License tab, as shown in the image below. The product will run for up to two hours regardless of license status, so you still have access to the Vault Admin. You may need to reboot your computer to initiate the product.

Vault Admin - License tab

4.A license file will be sent to you via e-mail.
5.After receiving the license file, from <Vault Name> Properties > License tab, click the Add button.

Import a License File

6.From the Add License window, select Import license or product key file from the drop-down menu.
7.Type, or click the Browse button to navigate to the received license file, .lic, or a product key file, .pk.
8.Click Ok to complete manual activation.

If you are having problems activating your license, visit the SoleraTec website for manual activation.

Licensing options on website

Download - Select a product and download it with an evaluation license, which is good for seven days.

Purchase - If connected to the internet, buy a product. This provides you with a product key. Once the product key is entered into the product key information, it pulls a license file to your machine and activates it automatically.

Activate - Use if you already have a product key and your computer is not connected to the internet. Find a computer with internet access and submit your Host Id. A license file will be sent to you to import it into the product.