Vault Properties Device Tab

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Use the Device tab to change the selected Vault's storage connection resource settings. The values displayed on this tab change  depending on if you've selected a hard disk Vault, shadow Vault, or a data tape Vault.

Access this from Vault Properties by clicking the Device tab.

1.Select preferred Vault values.
2.Click OK to save new settings.

Hard Disk Vault

Vault Properties  - Device tab, highlighting a Hard Disk Vault

Data Tape Vault

On the Device tab for data tape Vaults, change only the amount of virtual memory used for each data stream cache.

SCSI device is a read only box. It indicates the hardware in use and where it is located on the network.

Vault Properties - Device tab, highlighting a Tape Vault

Shadow Vault

Vault Properties - Device tab, highlighting a Shadow Vault

Device Tab Elements

Use this table to help change the values for the appropriate Vault type. Note that not all elements are available for each type of Vault.



Maximum files kept in a directory

Data is stored in files in the Vault. More files allow more storage per unit of media, but also slow down Information Repository performance. Select a value to meet but not exceed your needs. The following details the number of files that correlates with each value.


Number of Files








125 billion

250 billion

375 billion

500 billion

750 billion

1 trillion

125 trillion

Default location to store media

Define a default location where media is stored and managed. Whenever there is an option to use a default location, Phoenix VCM uses this path.

Maximum number of data streams

The number of connections that can be made to a Vault simultaneously. Having several connections enables several clients to communicate with the Vault at once; more streams demand greater requirements for processing power. Range:1 - 50.

Virtual memory used for each data stream cache

Define how much virtual memory is set aside for incoming and outgoing data during file storage and retrieval. A larger cache may improve performance, at the expense of using more virtual memory. The total amount of space used equals the number of data streams multiplied by the selected cache size.

For example, with 10 data streams and 10 MB of cache, the Vault sets aside 100 MB of total virtual memory for caching data. A selection of 10 MB is usually sufficient. Range: 5, 10, 15, 20 MB.

Location where temporary files can be stored

Define where the working cache is located. The default location is '<install-dir>/WorkingCache'.

When processing files, Phoenix VCM may create temporary files, which enable fast, efficient work and are  important for clipping video files. Temporary files are kept in the working cache.

Any changes will override the values entered when you first added the Vault using the Add or Remove Vault Wizard.

Amount of disk space that can be used

Define the amount of disk space permitted to use for the working cache. Range: 10 - 900 GB