Vault Properties Database Tab

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Use the Database tab to allocate resources for a Vault database. Select when a Vault is optimized, the maximum number of files to open at a single time, and the amount of virtual memory the Vault uses.

Access this from Vault Properties by clicking the Database tab.

Vault Properties - Database tab

1.Select preferred Vault values.
2.Click OK to save new settings.

Database Tab Elements



Database pathname

Defined when installing a Vault. It indicates the location where the database is stored on the host computer's hard disk.

Time daily when database is optimized

Set how often the database is optimized to ensure that the Information Repository continues to function at its full potential. It is recommended to optimize the database for every Vault daily.

Maximum open files

Limit how many files can be open simultaneously. Having more files open allows for faster searches, but requires more Information Repository resources. Range: 10 - 500

Maximum virtual memory used

Limit how much virtual memory the database uses. For best Information Repository performance, select a value that does not exceed 75% of the physical memory on the computer. Range: 256 MB - 2 GB