Vault Checkup

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Use the Vault Checkup dialog box to view the health of a Vault. This tool is great to use if you suspect something may be wrong with a Vault in your Information Repository.

To run a Vault checkup, Vault Admin requires at least one piece of media with available space and that it does not belong to a storage pool.

Run a Vault Checkup

1.From the Vault Admin left pane, select a Vault name.
2.From the toolbar, click the Vault Checkup button.

Use to Assess the Health of a Vault

3.From the Vault Checkup dialog box, select from the drop-down list a level of check to run. Each level examines the Vault function, speed, and load bearing capacity to some degree.

Quick - Check basic functions and takes the least amount of time. Normally completes in less than one minute.

Normal - Check commonly used functions. Best tradeoff of time and complexity. Normally completes in five minutes.

Extensive - Exercise the Vault for functionality and speed. Normally completes in ten minutes.

4.Click OK to complete the process. Upon completion, a Vault Checkup output window appears containing the results of the checkup.