Target and Process Output Tab

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In Target and Process, click the Start Job button to start a job. The Output tab is given focus, and Start Job is replaced with Stop. The Output tab displays information indicating how a job is working and it displays what files are being ingested. A Status bar at the bottom of the application provides a visual of the job's duration. Click Stop to end a job in progress.

Target and Process - Output tab while Running a Job

When the job is complete, View Results appears and summary text is displayed, indicating how much data was ingested, if any errors were encountered, and how long the job took to complete.

To review the entire set of information, click View Results. A window displays where the output can be reviewed in its entirety.

Target and Process - Output tab with Results Displayed

To save the job output to a log file, click the Save button. In the Save window, name the file, ensure a save location, and then click Save.