Reload Media

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As long as you are tracking media, your Vault displays media, even if the media has been unloaded from the storage device. Reloading media means to add it to the storage device after it has been taken offline. If you are using tapes or glass media, insert the media into its storage device. If you are using virtual media, then you do not physically handle the media.

Use the Reload Selected Media window to load tape media (such as tapes that are outside of a storage device) into a Vault or to re-index hard disk media. Use it also, when the contents of your shadow hard disk Vault have changed and, therefore, need to be re-indexed. The Reload Selected Media window is almost identical to the Load Media window.

Reload Media

1.From the Vault Admin left pane, click the expand indicator (plus sign) in front of the Vault to reload media to.
2.Click on the expand indicator for Media to have a tree of the media names displayed and also to have a list of the media names displayed in the right pane.
3.Select desired media (individual or multiple) then click on the Load Media button in the toolbar. Or right-click on the selected media and choose Reload Media from the shortcut menu. The Reload Media window appears; it looks just like the Load Media window except for the header and the available fields to modify values.

You can reload multiple media by holding the Shift key or Control key and clicking on the desired media in the right pane.


4.Select a re-indexing option. If the Vault has a good listing of the media in its catalog, select Only re-index if needed. The media unit will not be re-indexed if Phoenix VCM determines that re-indexing is not called for. On the other hand, if the catalog entries for the media are suspect or do not exist, the Information Repository will attempt to re-index the media to update its catalog. Select Force a re-index of media only if you have a reason to suspect that the catalog on the Vault or the media is incorrect.
5.Click Ok. The media will be reloaded and no longer have a gold bar beneath it.