Product Licensing

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Get started with Phoenix VCM by purchasing a product license. You can purchase a regular licensed product online or download a trial version from SoleraTec's website.

Product License

Product licensing is based on storage capacity. Each Vault within your Information Repository requires at least one license.

All licenses for your product are tied to one computer where you can have one or many licenses to use for a single storage device. If you have a multi-tiered storage architecture, licenses are still tied to each computer on the network. Available licensed uses include: Data Service Policies, Vault platform devices, video post production, or archive.

Run as many Phoenix VCM software clients as you need on the network at no additional charge.

Evaluation License

Phoenix VCM comes with a fully functional seven day evaluation license. At the end of the trial period you can either request an extended license or purchase a regular license through the same channels.

If you run the software longer than seven days with an evaluation license, your Vaults will shut down. Until a license is purchased and added, the Vaults run in increments of only two hours.

Your licenses are managed through Vault Admin. To activate or add a license, see Vault Properties License tab.