Mini Vault Stats

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Mini Vault Stats provides a high level perspective of Vault activity through a graphical display of Vault performance when data is transferred from clients or between Vaults on the network.

To access Mini Vault Stats:

From Network Activity double-click a Vault label or symbol.


1.From Network Activity, move the mouse pointer over a Vault symbol, and right-click.
2.From the shortcut menu, select Mini Vault Stats.

Use to Monitor Vault Performance during Data Transfers

On the Mini Vault Stats window the Files per Second monitors performance of data transfer between Vaults and the Mbytes per Second displays data transfer from clients.

The display at the bottom right of the Mini Vault Stats window, shows Nominal, Media Request, or Trouble.

Nominal - Everything is okay.
Media Request - Request for offline media to be reloaded.
Trouble - Indicates a serious problem.

Mini Vault Stats Menu Items

Menu Items


File > Exit

Close the application.

Help > Current Page

Open online help to the Mini Vault Stats webpage.

Help > Mini Vault Stats Overview

Open online help with focus on Mini Vault Stats.

Help > Contents

Open the local version of online help.

Help > Online Help

Open the web-based version of online help.

Help > Online Support

Open Technical Support webpage.

Help > About Mini Vault Stats

Open the About Mini Vault Stats window.