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Perform the following steps to install on the Linux operating system.

Server Bundle for Linux

1.Open Setup.html (from your installation disc or installation folder). Follow the directions to open the Phoenix VCM Server Bundle. The following appears:

Phoenix VCM Install Wizard, version x.x.x


Welcome to the Install Wizard for SoleraTec Phoenix VCM.


This Install Wizard will help you to install SoleraTec's Phoenix VCM version x.x.x on your

computer. During the installation process, you will be asked where to install Phoenix VCM

and which components to install. Choices appear in a comma separated list with the default

choice in square brackets. Pressing the Enter key selects the default choice.


To continue, press <Enter>

2.Press ENTER. The following appears:



The current location for Phoenix VCM is /usr/local/Phoenix. Would you like to install

Phoenix VCM in its current location?

[(y)es] (n)o (b)ack (q)uit >[y]

From this point on, you have the option of using b to go back to any earlier point in the process and change your selection. You can also use q to quit the installation process and exit the wizard.

3.Type y to accept the default location. Or, type n to enter a new location. If you select n, you are prompted to enter the new installation directory location. After typing y, the following appears:



Here is a list of the packages available for installation. Please indicate the package you want to

install by entering the number beside your selection. Number 1 is the default choice and will be

chosen if you simply press the Enter key.

1. Phoenix VCM Server package

[1], 2, (b)ack, (q)uit >[1]

4.Type 1 to select the Phoenix VCM Server Bundle. The following appears:



You chose to install the Server package to '/usr/local/Phoenix'. Is this correct?

[(y)es] (n)o (b)ack (q)uit >[y]

5.Type y. The following appears:


As services are started, you may safely ignore any warning messages

which specify "WARNING" or "No active vaults found"


Installing Phoenix VCM Server package

After installation is complete, the next step is to add Vaults. See Add or Remove Vault Wizard. For more information about what's next, see Getting Started.

Uninstall from Linux

If you need to uninstall your Phoenix VCM from Linux, this can be easily done by following the steps below.

The uninstall process does not remove modified configuration files or files that were not in the installation bundle, such as log files or files that could have been added.

Administrator rights are needed to uninstall Phoenix VCM.
Before uninstalling Phoenix VCM, create a backup copy of any data that you do not want to lose.
1.Enter the following command at root (where Phoenix VCM was originally installed): Phoenix/Bin/uninstall.
2.Reboot your computer.

For more information see Installation.