Information Repository Search

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From the Search and Retrieve window, when you select the Search Type - Information Repository, options for searching your Information Repository appear in the left pane.

The Information Repository search type locates all of the files that fit the search criteria you enter. The search is an "and" search, meaning that the more search parameters you specify, the smaller and more targeted the list of search results becomes. For example, clicking the Search button without specifying any search criteria, all of the items in the Information Repository are listed. In another search, specify a word in the file, and the search results show only files that contain the word specified.

For a list of extended search options, select the More Search Options checkbox to display all search options available (displayed in the image below).

After filling in your search options, click the Search button to initiate the file search. While processing, the Search button is replaced by a Stop button. Click the Stop button to abort the search.

Search and Retrieve Information Repository search type options

Search Options - Information Repository Elements



All or part of the filename you want to find

Type the name or part of the name of the file you want to find, or enter a wildcard.

For more information see Wildcards for file searching and content searching.

A word or phrase in the file

Type a word, phrase, or wildcard that you are looking for in the Information Repository.

To find a particular phrase, be sure to enclose it in quotation marks. Otherwise, the search returns all of the files containing any word that you enter. Regardless of quotes, the search is not case sensitive.

See above links for more information on searching with wildcards.


Click to begin the file search. While processing, the Search button is replaced by a Stop button. Click the Stop button to abort the search.

When the search is complete a Retrieve dialog box appears displaying the number of search hits.

More search options

Select checkbox to expand the list of search options for searching in the Information Repository.

Ignore case of filenames

This control determines if the search is to pay attention to the case of the files that you are searching for.

To turn case sensitivity off, click the Ignore case of filenames checkbox.

Look on

The network search feature is defaulted to search on all Vaults to locate your files.

Use the drop-down list to select the Vault to search.

Show files from this computer

Limit the search to only files originating on a specific host computer.

Type the name of the computer of choice into this text box.

Show files from this media

Increase the speed of the search by limiting the search to a particular unit of media.

From the drop-down list, select a unit of media.

Show files from this storage pool

If the files you require are located in a specific storage pool,  type the name of the storage pool into the text box or use the drop-down list to select the storage pool.

Include only files with this date criteria

If you know the approximate time that your files were either stored last or modified, you can narrow the focus of your search based on date and time.

1.Use the drop-down list to select the time frame that best suits your needs.
2.Click the Clock button to assign date and time to the search criteria.
3.Click OK to close the Date and Time window. The Date and Time window consists of the combined controls of the Date window and Time window.

Extended Metadata

With Add New Search Criteria clicked, new search parameters appear.

Extended Metadata option in Information Repository search

Click the Add New Search Criteria button repeatedly to open as many fields as needed. A number appears at the top of each box to distinguish one field from another.

Use the Select Search Type drop-down list to select the type of metadata. Default search criteria types are:

Any Metadata Field - Matches against any metadata field.
Project Name - Enter all or part of the project name.
Clip Name - Enter all or part of the clip name.

Use the second drop-down list to select contains, does not contain, is equal to, or is not equal to.

You can extend the search criteria based on the Query blocks defined in your MetadataExtensions.cfg file.

If the metadata ingested contains special characters interpreted as wildcards (?, *, #, !, ~, ^, &, [ ], { }, \, "), then when searching for metadata use the escape character (\). For example, if 16*37 was ingested as metadata, to search for this expression, you would search using 16\*37.

Use the Delete button to remove the field from the application.

If you add media or storage pools while Search and Retrieve is open, it does not see the new media or storage pools until it is closed and restarted.