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Notes about this guide

Screenshots - The screenshots in this guide are taken from a Windows operating system. Depending on the operating system you are running, the appearance of the applications may vary slightly, but the functionality is the same.

If viewing Help online, click a screenshot image to enlarge the display, and then click again to return its display to original size.

Blue Text - Blue text that is a topic heading can be clicked to expand for details when Help is being viewed online. Other blue text can be clicked to follow a link to another page in Help or to a website.

Symbols - This guide uses icon symbols to easily identify information.

= Indicates a useful tip.

= Indicates a warning statement.

Path names - The sample paths in this guide are for a Windows operating system. Depending on the operating system you are running, use the appropriate naming convention.

Paths for hard disk media, log files, and miscellaneous directories are case sensitive on non-Windows computers. Unless otherwise noted, when searching for a file or when creating a Vault, values typed are not case sensitive but are case preserving (the application ignores the case).

When entering paths, only use the forward slash (/) as a path name delimiter. You may get unexpected results if a backslash is used.

Privileged Users - Privileged users have rights to override security in the application as it relates to Phoenix VCM resources (media, stored data, vault operations), but do not have rights to override local computer security. The following are privileged users:

Windows "Administrators" group
Windows "Backup Operators" group
Windows "Domain Administrator" user
Windows "Domain Admins" group
POSIX "root" user (UID:0)
POSIX "root" group (GID:0)

Unsupported naming conventions in Windows - Some Windows applications create filenames with characters that are unreadable by Windows Explorer. These files are also unreadable by Phoenix VCM clients.

Note - All features and functions discussed in this guide may not be available for your version of Phoenix VCM.