Architectural Overview

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SoleraTec's Phoenix VCM specializes in data storage and the management of your digital data assets. The data can be anything from document files to video files.

Phoenix VCM answers the call to your needs of:

"I want to store data"
"I want to move data around on my network"
"I want to bring data back from storage to review or use"

This is not a disjointed system of data collection and then backup storage. It is a digital asset management solution which seamlessly integrates your data from file ingest, to storage, and then immediate data retrieval - regardless of when or where stored.

The following diagram provides an overview of Phoenix VCM's architecture, illustrating how the different components of your solution work together. You can see how your digital data assets are captured or ingested into your Information Repository and are under complete management and never out of reach. Your assets can be searched on, moved around to different Vaults on the network, and retrieved in original quality for you to use.

Architectural diagram of VCM based products

*Vault - Central processing unit, software, and storage device.

*TAP - Target and Process.

*THM - Thumbnail file.

*LRP - Low resolution companion/proxy video.

Information Repository

The Information Repository is where data is stored. Since a Vault is a storage device used to store files, the Information Repository is made up of all the clients and Vaults on your network. The Information Repository can take many different forms depending on your needs and system, but it is flexible, easy to deploy, and is an active multi-tiered storage environment.

In the Information Repository, data storage resources are virtualized as composite storage sets and operate as a federated environment. They can be comprised of a mixed set of networked data storage technologies running on Windows, Mac, Linux, and in mixed computing environments. If using Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, then the Information Repository is all the networked units.

The Word about Policies

Phoenix VCM employs the use of "policies" in most of its applications. They are the method outlined by parameters and options for managing all your digital assets effectively. As the user, you own the benefit of creating, customizing and executing these policies to fit your environment and workflow.

For more information see Technical Overview.