Viewer Window Format

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A new viewer window is set to display four feeds from two cameras, arranged as "2x2" (two rows of two across).

New Viewer windows are opened by using the Control Center window. Click View and choose New Viewer.

Edit Viewer Layout

1.In a viewer window, select View from the toolbar and hover the mouse over Format. A drop-down displays the available layouts.

The layout options available in the Live Viewer

2.Select a view configuration.
For the views 1x1 through 4x4, the first number represents the number of live views across, in the row; the second number represents the number of rows, from top to bottom. You can view a maximum of 16 feeds (4x4) at a time.
In addition to the standard grid layouts, there are other layouts that feature one large view frame along with multiple smaller view frames (up to 12). The large view frame is positioned at the top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, or center of the Live Viewer with the smaller view frames around it.