View Camera Pool Feeds

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Camera pools are virtual groupings of cameras that you can define. For example, you might have a camera pool called "Doors" that includes all of the cameras that are recording the doors of your establishment.

It is often useful to see the live feeds from all of the cameras that belong to a certain pool. The Live Viewer Multi-Window lists camera pools as well as individual cameras to easily see the live feeds of cameras from a particular pool.

You will only see live feeds from cameras that are configured with the live view option enabled.

Create a Camera Pool

Camera pools are created when configuring a camera using Camera Policies.

View Live Feeds from a Camera Pool

1.Open the Live Viewer Multi-Window application. The Control Center window opens.
2.Select View from the toolbar and choose New Viewer  from the drop-down list to open a viewer window. The viewer displays four camera ports. This view format can be changed. See Viewer Window Format. The Title bar for each camera port reads "Not in Use" as no cameras have been selected.
3.Expand the Pools folder in the Control Center window. The names of the camera pools are displayed.
4.Select the pool to view and drag it into a camera port on the viewer window. Live views of the cameras contained in that camera pool are displayed in the viewer window. The camera name for each camera is displayed in the Title bar of its camera port.