Vault Secure or Unsecure

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Use the Vault Security dialog box to protect your Vaults in your Information Repository. Vaults should normally be run in a secured mode, where a Vault's media cannot be manipulated. Media cannot be imported or exported, copied, reformatted, or even relabeled. In Vaults equipped with storage devices that can be locked via software, the front panel and all access panels are locked when the Vault is operating in secure mode.

Before any media operation can be performed, such as preparing media, a Vault must be unsecured.

Secure or Unsecure a Vault

1.From the Vault Admin left pane, select a Vault name.
2.From the toolbar, click the Secure/Unsecure Vault button.

Use to lock or unlock Vault security

3.From the Vault Security dialog box, use the drop-down list to select either Secured or Unsecured.

Secured - Media may be added to and removed from a Vault based on access rights to the media.

Unsecured - Media cannot be added or removed from Vault. This may also lock the front panel of libraries.

4.Click OK to complete the process.