Surveillance Video Manager

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The Surveillance Video Manager (SVM) is SoleraTec's Phoenix RSM search application to find stored video on a Vault. It enables you to quickly and easily access, search, and review video from an entire library of forensic video assets.

To use your video asset management solution effectively, capture your video with Camera Policies, search for and retrieve stored video using the Surveillance Video Manager, and then review video using the Media Viewer. Along with that functionality, you can view live video feeds with the Live Viewer. The Live Viewer supports many camera types, as it can connect and configure to any RTSP-enabled IP camera, and some motion-detection cameras. The Surveillance Video Manager can highlight the areas of the video with the most motion and action.

The search provisions in the Surveillance Video Manager are extensive, ultra-fast, and precise. As you search for video across your network, the Surveillance Video Manager uses a low resolution companion video (a fraction of the size of the original) as the primary video footage received. This low resolution companion file is always teamed with its original source video, regardless of where the video is stored (online, near-line, or offline). After searching for and retrieving video assets, you can export the video to other tools and locations. For more information see Introduction.

In order to have the low resolution companion video and thumbnail files available, be sure to enable them when setting up your recording policies. See Camera Policies, Processing tab.

The Surveillance Video Manager window features two main tabs at the top of the application to switch between the search or export functionality.

Search - Comprised of a Search Criteria pane to find video files, a Search Results pane to select specific files from searched video and play in a Media Viewer, and an Export Queue pane to view a list of video to export.
Export - Includes an Export Job Configuration pane and a Job Status pane to use when you are ready to export files found.

Workflow - Surveillance Video Manager

In order to use the Surveillance Video Manager, video must be stored in a Vault and the Vault needs to be running. It is necessary to have set up a recording policy in Camera Policies to move video from a camera into a Vault. An administrator can find more information regarding these requirements at Add Vaults and Camera Policies.

The following describes working through the Surveillance Video Manager:

1.From your suite of product applications, open the Surveillance Video Manager application (SurveillanceVideoManager.exe). For further explanation of how to launch applications using different operating systems, see Getting Started.
2.The application default opens to the Search tab. Enter search criteria and click the Search button when done to begin the search. See SVM Search and Export.
3.When the search is complete, the results display in the Search Results pane.
4.Click a video thumbnail to open a recorded low resolution companion video in the Media Viewer.
5.Use the Media Viewer to review and play the video, and clip portions of the video to export. Click the Export button to send video clips to the Export Queue.
6.Select the Surveillance Video Manager Export tab to set your Export Job Configuration options. This is where you determine what system to export to, where to save files, and other options. Click Start Export. Files in the Export Queue are exported all at once. See Export Surveillance Video.

For more information on how to search for, review, and export video files, see Search Surveillance Video.