Set Up Multi-Stream

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SoleraTec's Phoenix RSM stores both high resolution and low resolution video. This allows for the use of removable media while also providing faster searching and playback with lower network utilization. Multi-streaming allows for the camera to generate the low resolution proxy (LRP) video instead of using CPU resources. An LRP video has approximately 10% of the storage requirements of the original, full resolution video. It is important to use dual streams when your camera is a multi-streaming camera.

Before being able to set up dual stream capabilities, read your camera's documentation to ensure your camera supports multi-streaming and that the second stream can be proerply configured to deliver a video stream that is a 10% bandwidth of the original.

Multi-Stream setup is only available in Advanced Mode.

Set up Multi-Stream

1.From the Camera Policies toolbar, click the Cameras button to open the Camera Configurations window.

2.Double-click on the desired camera from the list.

3.In the Modify Camera window, check the check box for Video Capture LRP URL.
4.From the drop-down list, choose rtsp://. the first text box, type the IP address or host name for the selected camera. Check your camera's documentation.
6.the second box may populate automatically when a camera manufacturer and model are selected. If the filed does not automatically populate, you will need to manually enter the correct URL. Consult your camera documentation for determinig the URL of the second stream. the Test button to test the RTSP URL. If the test is successful, which should take no more than 10 minutes, a Live View window appears.