Remove Vaults

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Use the Phoenix RSM Add or Remove Vault Wizard to remove hard disk based Vaults, tape library Vaults, and single tape drive Vaults from your Information Repository. Removing a Vault is easy. All you have to do is remove the Vault using the wizard and then reboot the computer where you have removed the Vault.

When you remove a Vault, the data in the Vault is not erased and your license file is not affected.

Removing a Vault

1.From your suite of product applications, open the Add or Remove Vault Wizard application (AddRemVltWzrd.exe). The Welcome window appears. For complete descriptions of the wizard buttons and windows refer to Add or Remove Vault Wizard.
2.Click Next, for the Add or Remove window.
3.Select Remove an existing Vault from this computer.
4.Select Next for the Select window.

Select window - Select a Vault to Remove

5.Select the Vault you want to remove.
6.Click Next for the Ready to Remove window.

Ready to Remove window - Summary

7.Review the displayed summary for the correct Vault information.
8.When ready to remove the Vault, click Next.
Mac users will be prompted for an Administrator Name and Password. The Name field may already be populated with the name of the user running the Vault Wizard.

After entering a Name and Password, click OK. The Vault will stop immediately.

A restart is not required on a Mac.

9.In the Completed window, click Finish to exit the Add or Remove Vault Wizard.
10. Restart your computer, or to remove another Vault or add a Vault, open the Add or Remove Vault Wizard again. See Adding a Vault.