Locator Admin Command Line

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The LocAdminCl keeps track of resources, such as Vaults, in the Information Repository.

Access LocAdminCl from your suite of application products.

Command Line Options

As needed, append the following options to the application execution path. You can enter a single option, a single option and -usage or -version, or a combination of several options and -usage or -version.

The command line is formed as follows:

LocAdminCl <option> <option> . . .

-input_pathname <pathname> - Contains the input list of commands.
-output_pathname <pathname> - Define the path to the file containing the output results.
-usage - List all valid parameters.
-version - Display the current version information.

Interactive Commands and their Arguments

After starting the application, you can enter the following arguments at the prompt.



advanced <boolean>

Set or view advanced mode setting.

Valid values = on | off

Default = off


Register a test entry by broadcast in all global maps. Available only in advanced mode.

find <seconds>

Find all Locator Services on network and determine how long to wait for responses from other Locator Services on the network.

Valid Values = 1 -

format <alpha>

Set or view address format.

Valid values =


help | ?

Print usage information for all commands.

host <hostname>

Set or view default host setting.

list <hostname>

List entries in locator at <hostname<. In advanced mode, displays extended output.


Exit the application.

register <hostname>

Register a test entry in global map at <hostname>. Appears only in advanced mode.

shut <hostname>

Shuts down the Locator Service at <hostname>. Available only in advanced mode.


Print current settings.

timeout <number>

Set or view communications timeout value.

Valid values = 0 - 9.

For more information see Vault Management, Command Line Arguments, and Locator Service.