Live Viewer Patrols

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After you create Live View layouts, you can enhance your video surveillance ability by creating patrols. A patrol is a group of layouts, where each layout in a patrol is displayed in the Live Viewer for a set amount of time before the next layout is displayed.

You can create, edit, rename, or delete patrols from the Live Viewer View menu, or by right-clicking the Patrols folder under the Entire Network area in the top right portion of the control panel. Edit a patrol to change names, layout sequence, or dwell time.

Create a Patrol

1.Create a few Live Viewer layouts.
2.From the View menu, select Create Patrol. The Create Patrol window appears.

Create Patrols from Layouts in Live Viewer

3.Type a patrol Name, a Description about the patrol, and select a Dwell Time. The dwell time is the amount of time that each layout is displayed in the viewer.
4.Select a Layout Sequence by clicking the Add button at the bottom of the Create Patrol window. The Select Layout window appears.

Select Layouts to put in your Patrol

5.Select a layout and click OK, or double-click the layout. The selected layout appears in the Layout Sequence box of the Create Patrol window. You can add more layouts, or remove a layout from the list, move a layout up or down in the list, by using the buttons at the bottom of the window.
6.From the Patrols folder, click the added patrol to activate it.