Live Viewer Multi-Window User Preferences

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Use the Live Viewer Multi-Window User Preferences to define default settings for the Live Viewer Multi-Window application.

Access the Live Viewer Multi-Window User Preferences from the Control Center window's toolbar. Select Tools and choose User Preferences.

Live Viewer User Preferences

Live Viewer Multi-Window User Preference Elements



Auto-hide menu bar

Select to hide all menu bars.

Press ALT to show the menu.
Press ESC to hide it.

Enable resize handle

Display/hide the right hand bottom corner resize handle.

Enable tool tips

Tool tips display on screen if this is selected. De-select to turn tool tips off.

Display camera descriptions

Display camera descriptions next to camera name in camera tree and title bar of the camera port.

Preferred live view viewer

Select the type of video viewer to drive the play back of videos. The orders to use the media players are: QuickTime first, then VLC, QuickTime only, VLC first, then QuickTime, or VLC only.

To play back videos in Phoenix RSM, you can use the supplied media player (VLC) or Apple QuickTime free or Pro on your computer. See Hardware and Software Requirements for the latest information.

Video Stream Delay

This selection determines how fast video feed streams to your camera port in Live Viewer Multi-Window. Changing the delay causes the video you are viewing to be delayed by that amount. The default value is 500 ms (milliseconds), but the options range from 0 ms to 5 seconds. A small delay value means the video can be viewed closer to real-time, but if the delay time is too small the video could freeze or hang.

Be sure to change the video stream delay setting before adding the camera to a camera port. If you change the preference after the camera has been added to the camera port, you will have to close it, change the setting again, and then re-add the camera to the camera port. If you close the Live Viewer Multi-Window application, your video stream delay preferences are saved, and ready for your next session.

If video freezes in low light conditions, set the video stream delay value to a larger value - at least 700ms or greater - especially on slow frame rate high definition cameras.

Camera Reconnect Timeout

Specifies the amount of time to try to reconnect to a camera if the connection is lost.

Choose an increment of time between 15 seconds and 30 minutes for the timeout.

If Disabled is selected, the Live Viewer will not attempt to reconnect to a camera.

Enable hardware overlay

Enable the hardware overlay capability of the video card. This enables the ability to render video directly.

If Disabled, remote desktop or shared desktop viewing may not work correctly for viewing live video streams.

Enable multiple threads for decode

Enable the use of multiple threads and multiple cores for decoding. This provides faster decoding of the video.

If decoding is not occurring properly, disabling this feature may fix the problem.

Show video statistics

Displays the frame rate and bit rate for the camera.

For more information see Live Viewer Multi-Window.