Live Viewer Multi-Window Patrols

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After you create Live Viewer Multi-Window layouts, you can enhance your video surveillance ability by creating patrols. A patrol is a group of layouts, where each layout in a patrol is displayed in the Viewer window for a set amount of time before the next layout is displayed.

You can create, edit, rename, or delete patrols from the Control Center View menu, or by right-clicking the Patrols folder under the Entire Network area in the left pane. Edit a patrol to change names, layout sequence, or dwell time.

Create a Patrol

1.Create a few Live Viewer Multi-Window layouts.
2.Select View from the toolbar in the Control Center window and choose Create Patrol from the drop-down list. The Create Patrol window appears.

Create Patrols from Layouts in Live Viewer

3.Type a patrol Name, a Description about the patrol, and select a Dwell Time. The dwell time is the amount of time that each layout is displayed in the viewers.
4.Select a Layout Sequence by clicking the Add button at the bottom left of the Create Patrol window. The Select Layout window appears.

Select Layouts to put in your Patrol

5.Select a layout and click OK, or double-click the layout. The selected layout appears in the Layout Sequence box of the Create Patrol window. You can add more layouts, or remove a layout from the list, move a layout up or down in the list, by using the buttons at the bottom of the window.
6.Click OK when you are finished creating your patrol to save it.
7.From the Patrols folder, click the added patrol to activate it.

Because saved layouts can include multiple formats, when a patrol is activated the number of viewers opened will depend on the layout with the largest number of saved formats. See Live Viewer Multi-Window Viewer Layout for more information about saved layouts.

Start a Patrol

1.Double click on a patrol or right click on a patrol and select View Patrol.
2.Viewer windows and a Patrol window will open. The number of viewer windows that will open depends on the greatest number of viewer windows that are assigned to a specific layout.
3.The Patrol window displays the name, the current layout being viewed, a circle that indicates the current status of the patrol (playing, paused, or stopped), a stop control, pause control, and a play control.

When stopping a patrol, click the down arrow on the stop button to have the option to Stop and leave viewers or Stop and delete viewers. An option can only be selected while the patrol is still playing.

A green circle indicates a playing layout, a yellow circle indicates a paused layout, and a red circle indicates a stopped layout.