Live Viewer Multi-Window

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Use SoleraTec's Phoenix RSM Live Viewer Multi-Window application to view live video feeds directly from RTSP-enabled IP cameras. View action as it is happening with the Live Viewer Multi-Window.

Before seeing live feeds, cameras must be configured in the Camera Policies application as part of your Information Repository. To view live feeds in the Live Viewer Multi-Window application, the Live View URL checkbox must be selected and the IP address must be entered in the first field of the Video Capture or Live View URL when adding the camera configuration.

If this is done and you want to get started quickly, see Live View Camera Feeds.

To be able to view and record live video feeds, you must ensure that RTSP is enabled on your IP camera. See your camera's documentation for details on enabling RTSP.

Most cameras can manage a single live feed while video streams are being captured. More than a single live feed on any given camera affects performance.

Live viewing from a VMS camera is not supported.

When Live Viewer Multi-Window is launched, the Control Center window is opened.

The left pane shows any saved layouts, patrols, configured cameras, and camera pools across the entire network.

The Events Panel,right pane, displays the date/time, alarm type, and camera of any detected camera alarms.

Live Viewer Multi-Window Control Center Menu Items

Menu Items


File > Exit

Close the application.

View > New Viewer

Open a new viewer window.

View > Save Layout

Save a modified camera layout with the same name.

View > Save Layout As

Create a new camera layout and save with new name.

If multiple viewer windows are opened, this command saves the layout of each viewer as one layout.

View > Rename Layout

Designate a new name for the layout.

View > Delete Layout

Remove a layout from the Control Center.

View > Create Patrol

Select to open the Create Patrol window.

View > Edit Patrol

Use to change the name, layout sequence, or dwell time of the patrol.

View > Rename Patrol

Designate a new name for the patrol.

View > Delete Patrol

Remove a patrol from the Control Center.

View > Show Events Panel

Select to show the events panel in the control center window.

View > Refresh Cameras

Select to refresh the camera list for the latest list of available cameras.

Tools > User Preferences

Open the Live Viewer Multi-Window User Preferences window.

Help > Current Page

Open online help to the Live Viewer webpage.

Help > Live Viewer Multi-Window Overview

Open online help with focus on Live Viewer Multi-Window.

Help > Contents

Open the local version of online help.

Help > Online Help

Open the web-based version of online help.

Help > Online Support

Open the support webpage.

Help > About Live Viewer Multi-Window

Open the About Live Viewer Multi-Window window.

Live Viewer Multi-Window Viewer window Menu Items

Menu Items


File > Exit

Close the selected Viewer window.

View > View Format

Select the layout format for the viewer window. See Live Viewer Multi-Window Viewer Layout for more information.

View > Full Screen

Toggle full screen mode. To get out of full screen mode, press the ALT key, and then deselect the Full Screen option from the View menu.

Help > Current Page

Open online help to the Live Viewer Multi-Window Viewer webpage.