Data Service Policies

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Use Data Service Policies to create parameters for complete data lifecycle management in the Information Repository. The service provides an easy way to move, copy, and delete data while preserving data quality and making sure it is maintained on media within a storage hierarchy that continually meets performance and storage longevity requirements of each different type of data within an enterprise.

Once data is in the Information Repository, use Data Service Policies to control which files are affected during a job to migrate, replicate, or purge. The policies also control when a job starts, where files are stored, how often a job runs, when it stops, and all other aspects of the job. Initial and subsequent storage devices do not have to be of the same technology, so configurations can be built to include anything, for example, disk to tape (D2T), or disk to disk to tape (D2D2T). Other Phoenix RSM policies run on the computer where they are created, but the Data Service Policies created affects the entire Information Repository. All Data Service Policies display and can be edited in any instance of the Data Service Policy application.

Data Service Policies take on many different forms, being broad or narrow. A single Vault can contain any number of policies that can span through multiple sites.

The following three actions are all it takes for effective data management across multiple tiers of storage. Each policy created will have one of these actions assigned to it. No two policies can have the same name.

Migrate - Move files or video from one Vault to another Vault. Use migrate to move data into another Vault that may have more space available, or have better performance, or move unnecessary and older data offline completely.
Replicate - Copy multiple instances of stored files that can be accessed for retrieval. Use replicate to copy data into a storage device or to share the data with another network.
Purge - Remove data that is no longer needed, or use as a way to keep Vaults uncluttered and clear. The policy manages the scheduled purge.

The Data Services Policies window displays all of the Data Service Policies implemented across the Information Repository on the network. Consequently, if two or more users attempt to modify a policy simultaneously, a conflict occurs and only the changes by one are saved.