Command Line Arguments

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The command line arguments are intended for advanced users of Phoenix RSM. Use the command line interface only if you are familiar with command line environments, otherwise, use a Phoenix RSM application.

In Phoenix RSM, command line refers to command line interpreter based Phoenix RSM applications or the line in a command line interpreter where you can type commands. The command line applications provide an alternative way for executing functionality for Phoenix RSM applications.

There are distinct ways to use command line utilities:

There are several command line executables for desktop client components available with your suite of product applications - for example, VaultAdminCl.exe. These executables with the "Cl" included at the end of the name are completely interactive and offer another way to execute an application's default functionality. This is useful if you have scripts to run or diagnostics work to do. At the command line prompt, if you type help, a list of commands appear for you to interact with the application.

For more information see Locator Admin Command Line, Vault Admin Command Line, and Data Services Command Line.

Some server components are service applications that run behind the scenes and can be accessed through command line arguments. An advanced user could modify these to allow for additional options to run with the services (other than defaults), or to perform diagnostics on the program. To see a list of available options for a command line utility, use <executable name> -usage at the command line prompt.

For more information see Vault Service and Data Services Service. Also see the Live Viewer Command Line arguments to open the Live Viewer with customized defaults.