Camera Policies Scheduling Tab

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Use the Camera Policies Scheduling tab to define when to record video from your RTSP-enabled IP camera or when to capture from your VMS-managed camera. You can record or capture video always or on a daily basis. As soon as you save the given policy, the schedule you created is implemented.

Scheduling a Job for Recording or Capturing Video

The Scheduling tab displays different fields to populate depending on the parameter set for the When do you want to record video? option. Select an option to define the times when video is recorded or captured.

From the When do you want to record video? drop-down list, select one of the options to schedule a process. Each are described below.

Option 1: Always
Option 2: At Selected Times

Camera Policies - Scheduling tab with At Selected Times enabled


This option enables you to record or capture video 24 hours a day, seven days a week for as long as the policy is active. To stop a policy that has been set to record video always, you must deactivate, change, or delete the policy. When you select this option, the rest of the Scheduling tab fields are inactive.

At Selected Times

This option enables you to schedule video recording or capture on particular days at specific times.

1.For the On what days of the week? text box, click the Calendar button. This opens the Days window to select the days of the week to record or capture video.
2.For the Start time drop-down list, select a start time.
3.From the Stop drop-down list, select a stop time.

Once you have selected start and stop times, the Length element displays the total number of hours  that video is to be recorded or captured per day.