Camera Policies Processing Tab

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Use the Camera Policies Processing tab to define file processing options for your recording policy. The contents on the Processing tab are the exact same as displayed in User Preferences. The preferences entered in at the Processing tab override any defaults that may be set in the User Preferences window, but only for the current job or policy. This tab only displays if you are in Advanced mode.

Camera Policies - Processing tab

For more information see Camera Policy User Preferences.

Video Processing Options

Use these options to capture video files for viewing. Elect to generate low resolution companion videos (also called proxy files) or preview images during video capture. The low resolution proxies and preview images have a relatively small file size which make it quick and easy to search for video files and clips without having to wait for the retrieval of large, original video files.

The Process Video Components checkbox is selected by default and cannot be de-selected.



Generate low resolution proxy

1.Select to generate low resolution companion files. If not selected, the proxies are not created, but you can always view the original video in the Information Repository.

The low resolution file is a fraction of the size of the original video size. When searching for video, the low resolution video is the primary video footage received but it is always paired with the original source video. The original (stored either online, near-line, or offline) is totally accessible when needed and under full Phoenix RSM management.

2.Select a resolution quality setting for the proxy/companion video. A lower setting produces a smaller file.
High - Same frame size as original, high video quality, audio is compressed to QDesign 44kHz.
Medium - 320x240 frame size, medium video quality, audio is compressed to QDesign 44kHz.
Low - 320x240 frame size, low video quality, audio is compressed to QDesign 14kHz.

Phoenix RSM will not generate thumbnails or low resolution proxies for files.

Generate preview image

1.Select to generate a preview image; if not selected a preview image is not created.
2.Use the Preview image quality drop-down list to select a resolution setting. A lower setting produces a smaller file.
High - Original size.
Medium - 320x240.
Low - 100x75.