Camera Policies Metadata Tab

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The Camera Policies Metadata tab is only displayed if it has been configured as described below.

Advanced users can create and configure an optional Metadata tab in the Camera Policies application and extended metadata search options in the Surveillance Video Manager. This is done by creating a text file called MetadataExtensions.cfg. With extended metadata you can ingest custom metadata that you want associated with videos. Later, when you need to find and retrieve videos, you can search using the extended metadata that was ingested when the video was processed.

The ingested metadata using Camera Policies is searchable using the Surveillance Video Manager. The metadata extensions for both applications are covered in MetadataExtensions.cfg.

The Metadata tab and metadata search options appear in the Camera Policies application and the Surveillance Video Manager only if there is a MetadataExtensions.cfg file in <install-dir>\Config.

The MetadataExtensions.cfg file must be on every computer where a  recording policy could be modified, otherwise the metadata values could be lost.

Camera Policies - Metadata tab

The red asterisk next to Case Type and Pathname mean that those are required fields.

When you create, configure, and implement a MetadataExtensions.cfg file, the Metadata tab appears in Camera Policies. It contains the Query blocks listed in the IngestMdExt block.