Camera Control Panels

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Control panels for the Live Viewer appear as a column on the right side of the Live Viewer window. There are four expandable panels: PTZ, Patrol, Volume, Camera Control. When a camera is selected in the camera port of a viewer window, the panels will expand if the camera has the enabled controls. If multiple camera ports are selected, the panels expanded will reflect the collective control capabilities for all cameras selected. Also, these panels can be expanded or closed by clicking on the title of the panel.

To minimize the Control panel column, move the mouse pointer over the split line and click when the pointer becomes a hand. To maximize the Control panel column again, do the same action only this time the split line is near the window edge. Do the same action also, to maximize or minimize Title bar controls within the Control panel column.

Select or deselect a camera port by clicking on the title bar.

Two camera ports can be selected at once.

Click on the following links to learn more about each panel.

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Camera Control Panel