Camera Configurations

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View live feeds from RTSP-enabled IP cameras and record video directly from RTSP-enabled IP cameras. To do this, you need to add cameras to your Information Repository and configure them. Once added, the cameras are listed on the Camera tab of every Camera Policies application on your network.

The first step is to add a camera configuration using SoleraTec's Phoenix RSM Camera Policies application.

To record video from a RTSP-enabled IP camera, the quickest and easiest way to do it is to use the Add Camera Wizard. Sometimes you may need to capture video from a VMS-managed camera or edit existing cameras configurations - this is done through the Camera Configurations window.

Use Camera Configurations:

To view a list of all the configured cameras that have been created and are available for recording.
To modify existing camera configurations.
For manually adding VMS-managed (Milestone, OnSSI, exacqVision, or SeeTec) cameras to create policies to capture video into the Information Repository.
For manually adding cameras where the camera manufacturer or model are not found on the network.

Add New Cameras

To add a camera through Camera Configurations, see Manually Add IP Camera or Add VMS Camera.