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Perform the following steps to install on the Windows operating system (OS). The appearance of your screens may vary slightly from those shown here depending on your Phoenix LVE version and your OS.

Installation is quick and easy and done through an InstallShield Wizard. Each wizard dialog box includes Back, Next, and Cancel buttons. The Back button navigates you back to the previous dialog box (except on the Welcome window), and the Next button accepts current values and advances you to the next window in the wizard. The Cancel button closes the wizard without saving values. The Finish button appears on the last wizard window to complete the process.


1.Click the application executable (from your installation disc or installation folder).

Installation - Welcome

2.Select Next to review the software license agreement.

Installation - Software License Agreement

3.Read the license agreement, and if you accept the terms, select I accept the terms in the license agreement.
4.Select Next to enter your customer information.

Installation - Customer Information

5.Type your User Name and Organization.
6.Select Next to select a setup type.

Installation - Select Setup Type

7.Select the type of installation you prefer. Typical is recommended:

Typical - A complete installation.

Minimal - Includes everything in Typical except Help and Documentation.

Custom - By default, includes everything in Typical. If you select Custom, click Next for the Custom Setup window to appear. To select which components are to be installed click the Help drop-down icon for a list of feature options.

The Custom Setup window also includes the following option:

Space launches the Disk Space Available window, displaying the amount of disk space required to install selected features. The window also highlights any volumes that do not have enough disk space to support the selected features.
8.After you have made your selection, select Next to review.

Installation - Summary of Install

9.Review the summary of installation in the Ready to Install the Program window. If all the information looks correct, click the Install button and the Installing window displays.

Installation - Installing Screen

10.When the installation is complete, the InstallShield Wizard Completed window presents you with the options to see the readme file and log.

Installation - Installation Complete

11.Click the Finish button to complete the process.

When updating a previous Phoenix LVE installation, all Phoenix LVE Services settings will be reset to installation defaults. If you made any changes to these settings in the prior installation, you may need to reapply your changes after the update completes.

Uninstall from Windows

If you need to uninstall your Phoenix LVE from Windows, this can be easily done by following the steps below.

Administrator rights are needed to uninstall Phoenix LVE.
1.Uninstall Phoenix LVE from your Windows computer just as you would any other Windows application.
2.Reboot your computer once the Add/Remove Windows Programs is finished.

For more information see Installation.