Camera Control: PTZ and Focus

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Phoenix LVE supports all IP configurable cameras, and most of the functionality of those cameras.

If your camera supports mechanical PTZ, a white target symbol displays in the Title bar of the camera feed when it is displayed in a camera view frame of the Live Viewer. With all other cameras, you have the option of using digital PTZ (no white target symbol will be displayed). With the use of the Live Viewer, any camera can have PTZ functionality.

If you are running Windows, you can use any Windows-supported joystick to control the pan, tilt, and zoom of a camera. A joystick with  X-Y axis capabilities is able to control the pan and tilt; a joystick with X-Y-Z axis capabilities is able to control the pan, tilt, and zoom. Joystick control can be used for mechanical and digital PTZ.

Camera Control

Click the Title bar of the camera port for the camera. A blue border appears around the entire camera port to indicate the controls are active.

Blue Border indicates Active Controls for selected frame

Digital or Mechanical PTZ

The top area of the PTZ control panel displays two radio buttons: Digital and Mechanical. The selection made here indicates the use of either digital or mechanical PTZ for controlling your camera.

1.If your camera has mechanical PTZ functionality, both options are available.

Digital or Mechanical PTZ is available for choosing.

Click the Digital radio button to use digital PTZ or click the Mechanical radio button to use mechanical PTZ.

Only one type of PTZ can be selected to use at a time.

2.If your camera does not have mechanical PTZ functionality, then Digital is automatically selected and the radio buttons are disabled.

The radio buttons are disabled. Digital is automatically selected.

To control a camera's pan and tilt

1.On the Pan/Tilt control panel at the right, click the left and right arrow buttons to pan the camera horizontally.

Use the Left and Right Arrow buttons to Pan/Tilt

2.Click the up and down arrow buttons to tilt the camera vertically.

Alternatively, you can click and hold anywhere on the target graphic and then move your mouse to change the direction of the pan and tilt.

To control a camera's zoom

1.On the Zoom control panel at the right, use the In button to zoom in on the center of the view. Use the Out button to zoom out from the center and include a wider angle of view.

Zoom In or Out on the Video feed

A camera's zoom can also be controlled using the scroll wheel on a mouse.  To do this, place the cursor over the target graphic in the Pan/Tilt area of the control panel. Move the scroll wheel forward (away from you) to zoom in and backward (towards you) to zoom out.

Because digital PTZ does not physically move the camera, you cannot view outside the camera's original view area. This means you can only use digital pan and tilt after zooming in on the live video feed.

To control a camera's focus

1.On the Focus control panel at the right, use the Auto button to activate the camera's auto-focus feature. Use the Near button to focus on near objects in the foreground, and the Far button to focus on objects in the background.

Adjust Focus on Video feed

For more information see View Camera Feeds, and Live Viewer Layout.