Product Licensing

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Get started with Phoenix LVE by purchasing a product license.

Phoenix LVE Licensing

Phoenix LVE can be downloaded from SoleraTec's website. When you first open Phoenix LVE, you can choose to activate an evaluation license to run the application. The evaluation license will let you use Phoenix LVE for a trial period of  7 days with a maximum of 16 cameras. Once the trial period is over, Phoenix LVE will shut down and you must purchase a license to continue using the application.

To purchase a license for continuous use, contact SoleraTec. See Contact Information. You will receive a license file based on the number of cameras you want to use. The license file outlines the maximum number of cameras it is good for and the expiration date.

To add more cameras beyond the current maximum camera count allowed, you can easily upgrade your license file. Contact SoleraTec for a new product key to be issued to you. Since a product key is tied to the computer Host Id where activated, you cannot use the old license file on another computer.

For more information see Getting Started and Manage Licenses.