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Perform the following steps to install on the Apple operating system. The appearance of your screens may vary slightly from those shown here, depending on your Phoenix LVE version.

Installation is quick and easy; done through an Install Wizard. Each wizard dialog box includes Go Back and Continue buttons. The Go Back button navigates you back to the previous dialog box (except on the Welcome window), and the Continue button accepts current values and advances you to the next window in the wizard. The Install button appears on the last wizard window to complete the process.


1.Click the application executable (from your installation disc or installation folder).

Installation - Welcome

2.Select Continue. If you have multiple hard drives installed, the Select Destination window appears. Otherwise, skip to the Installation Type window.

Installation - Select a Destination

3.Accept the default destination for Phoenix LVE to be installed to.
4.Select Continue for the Installation Type window.

Installation - Installation Type

5.Click the Install button; the product installs.
6.When the installation is complete, restart your computer.

Uninstall from Mac

If you need to uninstall Phoenix LVE, this can be easily done by following the steps below.

Administrator rights are needed to uninstall Phoenix LVE.
Before uninstalling Phoenix LVE, create a backup copy of any data that you do not want to lose.
1.Go to Applications > Utilities and open a Terminal.
2.In the Terminal, type sudo /Applications/Phoenix/Bin/ and press Return.
3.Enter the Admin password when prompted and press Return. When you type, the password will not be shown.
This will uninstall Phoenix LVE from your Mac computer.
4.Reboot your computer.

For more information see Installation.