Getting Started

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Getting started with SoleraTec's Phoenix LVE is easy.

Launch an Application

To launch an application, see the instructions under the operating system where you are running Phoenix LVE.


From the Windows desktop, select Start > All Programs > PhoenixLVE, and then select the application to run.


From the Mac desktop, browse to Applications > PhoenixLVE > Bin, and then select the application to run.

Licensing Options

Phoenix LVE does not come licensed. The first time you open the application, a Not Licensed window will be displayed and you must choose how you want to continue. To close the application, click Exit.

Choose how to license Live Viewer Express

From the drop-down list, choose to activate an evaluation license or a purchased license.

Activate evaluation license - Choose this option and click OK to start a product trial. With an activated evaluation license, Phoenix LVE will run for 7 days with a maximum of 16 cameras. After the trial period is over, you must purchase a license to continue to use Phoenix LVE.
Activate a purchased license - Choose this option and click OK to activate a license that you have already purchased. In the next window, click Change License to enter the license information. For more information on purchasing and activating a license, see Product Licensing and Manage Licenses.

Adding Cameras at Startup

Before viewing live camera feeds, you must add cameras. If there are no configured cameras when Phoenix LVE opens, you will be prompted to add cameras at that time or your can choose to add cameras later. See View Camera Feeds for more information on adding cameras and viewing camera feeds.