Vault Properties Logs Tab

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Use the Logs tab to set parameters and log activity for the selected Vault.

Access this from Vault Properties by clicking the Logs tab.

Vault Properties - Logs tab

1.Select preferred Vault values.
2.Click OK to save new settings.

Logs Tab Elements



Enable activity logging

Select to enable activity logging and the activity log boxes for this Vault Properties tab. If not selected, no activity logs are created.

Phoenix EXP provides a security audit trail through activity logs. Activity logs include the following events: Vault start, Vault stop, file read, file write, file create, file delete, media load, media unload, and media erase. For these events the name and IP address of the user who executed the event and the date and time the event was executed is recorded.

Activity logs can be imported into any application that supports a tab-delimited format, such as Microsoft Excel.

Activity log pathname

Define where the activity logs are written to.

Maximum log size

Define the maximum size the activity log can become. Limit the size of the activity log to find needed information  quickly; in large logs this becomes more difficult. Range: 25 MB - 1 GB

Action to take when log reaches maximum size

Either select Overwrite existing log or Create a new log. Overwriting the activity log prevents activity log build-up.

Error log pathname

Define where error logs are stored. Where activity logs record all activity, error logs record only events that have gone wrong.

Error logs are created only when a Vault encounters a problem. Error logs include warnings, and Vault start and stop information. Phoenix EXP supports error logging for every Vault in the Information Repository, and error logging is always enabled.