Network Activity

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Network Activity graphically represents, in real-time, each client and Vault on the network. It works together with the Vault Stats and Mini Vault Stats windows to monitor all data, media, and Vault operations within the Information Repository.

Remember that a Vault is a storage device used to store files. The Vault drives the storage device and provides memory resources for program execution, metadata management, and continuous monitoring.

From your suite of product applications, open the Network Activity application (NetActivity.exe). From Network Activity access Mini Vault Stats to see high level Vault activity information. Or access Vault Stats to view detailed vault activity information.

Every client and Vault in the Information Repository is represented by a sphere and a label in the Network Activity window. Clients appear when jobs are running and the activity is denoted by dynamic lines connecting clients and Vaults. As a job is running, move the mouse pointer over the client symbol to view Job, User, and Status details. If you need to freeze the current display of Network Activity, right-click and hold the application's Title bar.

Network Activity

Network Activity Menu Items

Menu Items


File > Exit

Close the application

Advanced > Update Fast

Increase the Network Activity screen update rate.

Advanced > Force Vault Lookup

Force a display update of Vaults active on the network.

Advanced > Vault Expire Fast

Clear the screen of inactive Vaults.

Advanced > Client Expire Fast

Clear the screen of inactive clients.

Help > Current Page

Open online help to the Network Activity page.

Help > Network Activity Overview

Open online help with focus on Network Activity.

Help > Contents

Open the local version of online help.

Help > Online Help

Open the web-based version of online help.

Help > /technical Support

Open the support webpage.

Help > About Network Activity

Open the About Network Activity window.

Network Activity Symbols

Network Activity generates and places Vault symbols randomly on the window, but you can move the Vault symbols. In addition, from the Network Activity Advanced menu, you can modify the mode as to how the Network Activity window updates.

1.Move the mouse pointer over the Vault symbol.
2.Click and drag the Vault symbol to another location within the window.

To open Mini Vault Stats or Vault Stats move the mouse pointer over the a Vault label or symbol and right-click for the shortcut menu.

To quickly open Mini Vault Stats, double-click a Vault label or symbol.

There are many different Network Activity symbols that can display on screen. The following list identifies the symbols you may see:

Red circle - A Vault in the Information Repository.
Yellow circle - A client in the Information Repository.
Red line, pulsing - The Information Repository is waiting for offline media and operator intervention is required.
White line, pulsing - This is normal activity showing the Information Repository is waiting for a connection slot.
Green line, pulsing - The client is waiting for a unit of media to be moved into a drive. This is common with data tape and optical libraries.
White line, stationary - A client connection is idle, waiting for resources.
Blue line, stationary - The client status is unknown.
Green line, moving - The Information Repository is transferring data; the line direction indicates the way data is moving.
Blue line, moving - A media operation is in progress; load, unload, prepare, erase, etc.