Locator Service

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The Locator Service makes dynamic resource allocation possible in Phoenix EXP, which delivers unlimited storage resource accessibility within the network. It is the tool which locates and provides communication between clients and Vaults,  enabling them to work like a traditional client/server system but without the need for hard-coded static links between clients and servers. In contrast, the Locator architecture is flexible to allow dynamic client access to any storage resource on your network.

The Locator maintains a list of currently available Phoenix EXP services, by using a multicast and beacon technology, and it provides this list to clients on the network as needed. To accomplish this, the Locator constantly "listens" for active registered Vaults. The Locator list notes Vault status and location changes. Every Locator is self-propagating and shares information with other Locators within the Information Repository.

For more information see Command Line Arguments.