Erase Media

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The erase media feature erases data from a unit of media but leaves the media header information intact. Header information comprises the information entered when the media was prepared: media name, owner, rights, and other information. It is better to erase media rather than reformat media whenever possible. When media is erased, an "erased" flag is added that can easily be overwritten.

Erase media:

When physical media with sequential write capabilities (like data tape) is used as the storage media, it must be erased as part of the purge process. If it is part of a multi-level storage hierarchy where files are migrated and replicated, viable data on the media must be moved to other media and the original media erased in order to purge old, expired data.
When media is used in a cycled Information Repository. At the end of a cycle, the old media being reintroduced needs to be erased by the Information Repository before it can be reused.

To erase media:

1.From the Vault Admin left pane, click the expand indicator (plus sign) in front of the Vault to erase media from.
2.Click on the expand indicator for Media to have a tree of the media names displayed and also to have a list of the media names displayed in the right pane.
3.Select desired media (individual or multiple) then click on the Erase Media button in the toolbar. Or right-click on the selected media and choose Erase Media from the shortcut menu. The Erase Media window opens.

You can erase multiple media by holding the Shift key or Control key and clicking on the desired media in the right pane.

4.From the toolbar, click the Erase Media button.Or right click on the selected Media Name (or the multiple selected names) and choose Erase Media from the shortcut menu.

Select When to Erase media

5.From the When to Erase drop-down list, select an option:

Erase media at next use - The media is erased just prior to the next time it is used in a job.

Erase media now - The media is loaded into a drive and erased immediately.

6.Click the OK button to activate your selection.