Disable SCSI Devices

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If you are using Windows Vista or newer, or Windows Server 2008 or newer, you do not need to disable the use of SCSI devices.

Disable the use of SCSI devices in a Windows environment to ensure that Windows does not interfere with Phoenix EXP's management of SCSI tape drives and libraries (Medium Changers). This is done through the Windows Device Manager.

This procedure only disables Windows use of the device and does not affect Phoenix EXP's use of the device.
Devices that are active (not disabled) in Windows are not visible or used by Phoenix EXP.

To access the Device Manager:

1.Click Start on the Windows desktop.
2.Right-click My Computer and select Manage from the shortcut menu. The Computer Management window appears.
3.In the left pane of Computer Management, click Device Manager:

Windows Device Manager - Disable SCSI Devices

5.In the right pane, find the tape drive or tape library installed on the computer.
6.Right-click the tape drive, and then select Properties.

If running a tape library, be sure to disable the tape library (Medium Changers) and the actual tape drives in the library. Repeat the disabling process for each tape drive within the library.

Windows Device Manager - right-click for properties

7.The Tape Drive Properties window appears:

Tape Drive properties window from Device Manager

8.Under Device Usage, click the down arrow, and select Do not use this device (disable).
9.Click OK. The Tape Drive Properties window closes, and the icon for the device in the right pane of Computer Management should now have superimposed on it to show the tape drive is disabled.