Data Services Service

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The Data Services Service (DataSvcsSvc) runs automated migrate, replicate, and purge jobs in the Information Repository using Data Service Policies. For the Data Services Service to execute, Phoenix EXP must have a policy that specifies everything needed to process targeted files. A targeted file is any file that meets all the criteria defined in the policy.

As DataSvcsSvc runs, its behavior can be modified with the command line options listed below. You can enter a single argument, a single argument and -usage or -version, or a combination of several arguments and -usage or -version.

The command line is formed as follows:

DataSvcsSvc <argument> <argument> . . .



-config "<pathname>"

Specify the file that contains all job criteria.

Default = "<install-dir>/Phoenix/Config/DataSvcsSvc.cfg"


Run the service in diagnostic mode. All internal activity displays on the local terminal.

Default = -nodiag


-diag_pn "<pathname>"

The path where all diagnostic information is written.

The default path is "/dev/tty"

-error_log "<pathname>"

The path for the error log file.

The default path is "<install-dir>/Phoenix/Logs/DataSvcsSvc.log"


For diagnostic purposes to debug the process.

This option is for UNIX only.

Default = -background


-list_pn "<pathname>"

Specify a path for verbose output. (See "-verbose" below.)

Default = "/dev/tty"

-service_install <number>

Windows only.

Install is for manually installing the service.
Remove is for manually removing the service.

Default = the service instance number.

-service_remove <number>

-update_int <seconds>

Specify the configuration update interval. If the -config file is modified during the job session, the Information Repository re-reads it. To disable this option, set the interval to 0.

Default = 60


List all valid parameters.


Control whether progress information is printed to the path indicated in the -list_pn command.

Verbose - causes progress information to be printed.
Noverbose - causes progress information not to be written.

Default = -noverbose



Display the current version information.