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SoleraTec's Phoenix EXP has many strengths for managing your digital data assets. One of the key benefits is the ability to customize Phoenix EXP and really make it your own so that it is the best solution it can be for your specific needs.

The customization topics are intended for advanced users and are easy to use once mastered. Phoenix EXP applications are highly customizable through use of the following items:

Wildcards - Phoenix EXP supports the use of wildcards for more efficient data asset searches.
Filters - Make use of filters during data asset searches, with or without wildcards, to include or exclude specific (or groups) of files or directories.
ExportExtensions.cfg - Use to customize export options for files and video that have been retrieved.
Site.cfg - Use to work remotely on a network subnet that does not have multicast capabilities.
Command line arguments - Use as an alternative way for executing functionality for Phoenix EXP applications.
Key configurations - Use to modify default functionality settings as seen in the application interfaces.