Add Vaults

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After your Phoenix EXP clients are installed and configured, add Vaults using the Add or Remove Vault Wizard. Use the Add or Remove Vault Wizard before or in conjunction with the Vault Admin, but in order to administrate a Vault, a Vault must be added first. (When removing Vaults use the same wizard, see Remove Vaults.)

Keep the following in mind:

You must have administrative rights to add a Vault.
All devices running in Phoenix EXP must be time synchronized. If they are not, unexpected results may occur.
To change Vault settings, including the naming of Vaults, security, logs, notifications, diagnostics, memory allocation for devices, database optimization parameters, and licensing after you have installed a Vault, see Vault Properties.

Vault Considerations

Vaults are installed on computers to control and manage storage devices. The computer hosting a Vault needs adequate resources to operate and manage the storage device, and considerations should be made for growth and scale. As the amount of data being stored increases, the volume of entries in the Vault database also increases. Vaults that use high capacity storage devices need system resources to accommodate.



Calculating Needed Memory for the Vault Catalog

The Vault database requires about 2% of the total amount of available storage space.

Date and Time Properties on Computers with Vaults

All computers that contain Vaults must be synchronized to the same time source for the Information Repository to function correctly.

Hosting More than a Single Vault on One Computer

A single computer can host up to four Vaults as long as it is equipped with enough processor power, memory, and disk space to accommodate the needs of the storage Vaults. This type of configuration is common in smaller environments where a disk-based and a tape-based Vault are both configured on a single computer.

Configure multiple Vaults on a single network computer, but for optimal performance it is recommended  that Vaults reside on computers other than those where Target & Process clients, Search & Retrieve, and Video Content Manager are implemented.

Starting or Restarting Vaults Manually

If added Vaults are not visible by the Information Repository, you may have to start them manually. See Start Vaults Manually.


When adding a Vault, it is accessible to all users. To change Vault rights see Vault Properties Security tab.

Workflow - Add Vaults

Work through the following steps to add Vaults to your Information Repository:

1.Add Vaults using the wizard.
2.Reboot the computer with added Vaults.
3.Prepare media using Vault Admin.