Vault Admin Panel

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Use Vault Admin and the Vault Service to administrate added Vaults, manage video and storage, and to prepare media and manage media on your network. The Vaults can use different types of media to store all your video and data assets. The Vault Admin application can be installed anywhere and it can be used anywhere on the network.

A Vault must be configured and running, and media must be prepared in order to do any other task.

To access the Vault Admin, from your suite of product applications open the Vault Admin application (VaultAdmin.exe).

Vault Admin window

The Vault Admin panel is divided into two main panes. Most Phoenix DEM applications require you to interface through tab options, but with Vault Admin you use the menu items or toolbar. The left pane displays a list of the tracked Vaults and views, like a common file manager application. The right pane displays details for the object select from the left pane.

Vault Admin - main window

The toolbar consists of the following buttons:

- Open Mini Vault Stats for monitoring basic Vault activity.

- Open Change Vault Properties. Define Vaults, devices, databases, licensing, diagnostics, notifications, logs, and security settings for Vaults.

- Open the Load Media dialog box. Bring previously prepared media back online.

- Open the Unload Media dialog box. Media can be removed from the Information Repository or labeled as offline, and be tracked by the Information Repository.

- Open the Prepare Media dialog box. Prepare new or previously used media.

- Refresh the view of the currently displayed data; update the information in the Vault Admin.

When performing Vault and media operations, the software may appear as if it is not responding. When the given task is completed, it responds normally.

Users that have unlimited rights and access to Vault resources are: UNIX "root". Windows "local group administrators", and Windows "backup operators".

Clicking on Vault Admin heading will collapse and expand the accordion. When Vaults is selected, a list of added vaults along with general information will be displayed in the right pane.

Workflow - Basic Vault Steps

1.From your suite of product applications, open the Add or Remove Vault Wizard application (AddRemVltWzrd.exe). For further explanation of how to launch applications using different operating systems, see Getting Started.
2.You'll need to add a Vault before you do anything. Once added, it is up and running automatically.
3.Media is used to store your files or video. Designate your media type and a place to which to store your media. See Prepare Media.
4.After your media is prepared, then you'll need to load your media. See Load Media.
5.Vault parameters can be viewed and edited through the Vault Properties. Or, Vault activity can be monitored using Network Activity.
6.Vaults can be removed or shut down at any time. See Remove Vaults and Vault Shutdown or Restart.