SmartDakTM Video Redaction

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SmartDakTM Video Redaction puts the finishing touches on your digital evidence. SmartDakTM blurs out faces in any selected video.

The option for SmartDakTM will only be available when supported.

Redact Video using the SmartDakTM

1.From the Digital Evidence Manager toolbar, click on Tools and select SmartDak. Or, once you have completed an export job, you can click on the SmartDak button to the left of the job progress bar.
2.The SmartDakTM Video Redaction window will open. The first screenshot shows the window if you would be manually locating the video. The second screenshot shows the window if you would be redacting video that had just been exported.

3.Type in the location of the video, or click the Browse button to locate a video file to redact. If you are selecting video to redact from a newly exported job, there will be a drop down list of the exported video to choose from.
4.The Where to save file field will automatically populate. To save to a different location, click the Browse button to select a location.
5.Click Redact.

A new video file will be created and stored in the designated location.