Management Console

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The Management Console is a critical part of your total Digital Evidence Management solution. It is responsible for getting data into the Information Repository from a body worn camera source, data service policy management, and vault management.The Management Console is divided into 2 panes. The left pane is divided into three sections: Body Worn Cameras, Data Service Policies, and Vault Admin. These sections are collapsed and expanded by clicking on the name of the desired panel. The information that appears in the right pane will depend on whether a camera, policy, or vault is selected.

Camera Policies main window in Standard mode

Management Console Menu Items

Menu Items


File > Extended Metadata > Import from

Navigate and select a MetadataExtensions.cfg file to import.

File > Extended Metadata > Export to

Select an export location for a MetadataExtensions.cfg file.

File > Exit

Close the application. If changes have been made a Confirmation dialog box appears for saving changes, click Yes, No, or Cancel.

View > Enable Advanced

Check mark by this menu item sets the Management Console window to unlock Advanced mode features and options.

View > Enable Tool Tips

Check mark by this menu item indicates that tool tips for the window display. The tips are brief descriptions of window controls if the mouse pointer is moved over a control. De-select to turn tool tips off.

View > Single Panel View

Check mark by this menu item indicates only one panel will be opened at a time. If one panel is already opened and another panel is selected, the previously opened panel will close.

Help > Current Page

Open online help to the Management Console webpage.

Help > Management Console Overview

Open online help with focus on the Management Console.

Help > Contents

Open the local version of online help.

Help > Online Help

Open the web-based version of online help.

Help > Online Support

Open the support webpage.

Help > About Management Console

Open the About Management Console window.