Initialize Body Worn Camera

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Before recording video for the first time with the body worn camera, it is required that the camera is initialized.

Initialize Body Worn Camera

1.Dock the body worn camera. Make sure the docking station is connected to the computer which will initialize the camera.
2.Open a command line prompt.
3.Enter the following: C:\temp\PhoenixDEM\bodycaminitcl.exe –id M900<serial number>_<camera name> –password 000000

<serial number> is replaced with the final 3 digits of the body worn camera serial number.

<camera name> is replaced with the desired camera name.

The default password for the body worn camera is 000000 (6 zeroes). You can keep the default password or change it at this time.

4.To view a list of all connected cameras, enter the same prompt but replace -password 000000 with -list.

Only one body worn camera can be initialized at a given time.