Docking Body Worn Cameras

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In order for body worn cameras to interact with the Information Repository (where all of the data for your solution is held) it is crucial that the cameras are docked into the docking station properly. Follow the steps below to ensure that body worn cameras are properly docked to provide the most reliable functionality with the Information Repository.

Dock Body Worn Camera

1.Make sure the docking station has power, is connected to the computer, and that there are red lights on each docking port.
2.Place body worn camera into an empty docking port.
3.There will be one ringing tone with 2 vibrations of the camera, and one final chirp.
4.The light on the top of the camera should turn green to show it is connected. A blue light may appear signaling the camera is charging.
5.The body worn camera has successfully been docked and will be able to interact with the Information Repository.
6.After 15 minutes, all video will be transferred off of the camera.
7.Wait for the blue light on the camera to turn off to signal the camera is completely charged before disconnecting the camera from the docking station.